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Expert Panel: Drug policy of the United Nations failed impressively
An interesting article about the failure of the official global drug policy:
Expert Panel: Drug policy of the United Nations failed impressively

Without words.........


Free shipping orders from $ 100 + + + + + + Sofortüberweisung.de delivery

Since today (25.06.2009) is the national shipping with orders of € 100 free, international shipping is currently at 17.00 EUR flat within the EU.

Delivery will probably be sold from 01.07.2009 available, but only for Räuchermischungen. For Bongs and accessories we will not offer shipping surname, as we so in the past, bad experiences have gathered.

Immediate payment by bank transfer are still possible.


Flow, Dream, Sencation, Clover
We have a new mix get smoked Premium - Flow.
Flow surprised not only by its strong aroma, but also through the resealable package. No boring bag, let you a surprise.
Sencation Blackberry and Vanilla arrived and is back in stock.
Clover is almost sold out but will soon be back here.


Smoke XXX
Within the next week is the new mix smoked Smoke XXX we arrive. As soon as we receive them we will send a newsletter, if you want to be notified so you enter here for the newsletter. The selling price for a pack 3g will be approximately 29,99 € lie. Dealers can log in with their queries from Monday to an extra for the wholesale mail address.


New digital scales and vaporizers arrived
After a long period without large inflows in the range has once again done what pretty. Each volume stylish and good digital scales and Taj Acureza scale we now have the super price on offer.


Soon new base Light 5mm Bongs
Soon, there will be the favorite 5mm Glasbongs with lighting and color to let you a surprise.


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